Our Story

The story of Hope gardens and retreat center is a story of inspiration for every visitor. While we strive to provide an essential resource, a space to create, to empower the body and soul and a space to heal, Hope Garden and retreat center is a social enterprise that channels 100% of its proceeds to empowering women in the urban city of Nairobi.  Through our collaborative encounter, Our Facility staff works to maintain an open, accepting and creative ‘home away from home just for you  always ensuring we achieve the goals of your stay and we get accomplish our grater mandate, “that of empowering women and girls”

Giving You
A lifetime Experience

At Hope Gardens and Retreat center is dedicated to providing an essential resource:space
A space to create, to empower the body and soul and a space to heal. We value the beauty of slowing down and going easy on the self-giving you an unforgettable wellness, dinning, exploration and stay experience.
We strive to give you a lifetime experience.

Gifts That Keep Giving

A core mandate of Hope Gardens is a mission is to empower urban women leaders and partner with local institutions including schools, churches and universities to reach young women living in cities through mentor-ship, education and economic empowerment. As a stay, retreat, conference and event center, we’ve discovered that we can use our space for young people to thrive. This experience is made possible by groups and individuals who use our space and their 100% contribution goes into our larger purpose, that of empowering urban young women through leadership development and mentorship.

Our History

In 2002, a seed was planted which would blossom into a thriving vision, reaching 3400 poor women lives each year. That seed was planted by the founder of Woman’s Hope, a non-profit organization that initially provided a safe space for women victims of gender violence.  After years of working with women giving hope and restoration, the organization felt the need for sustainability. With a beautiful space in Karen, the facility began to open its doors to visitors and provide a space to stay, heal and relax and Hope Gardens and retreat center was born in 2004.
Today the facility has provided beautiful memories to many visitors both local and international with 60% motivated by the fact that their stay was a seed of hope for a woman benefiting under woman’s hope programs.

Recently, dedicated to serving urban and under resourced communities. Hope gardens and retreat center decided to open up space for the empowerment or urban young women to experience the life changing experiences in the hands of able mentors, many of whom could not afford to attend camp on their own. The Retreat center covers over half of the expenses of each of the participant that come because we believe that urban renewal comes through the power of leadership development. And it’s only because of groups like you staying and retreating here at Hope gardens that we’re able to afford covering those